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I'll never get lost now

I made a curtain using black out fabric and stitching it together with some tapestry.  I bought a curtain hanging wire at IKEA and installed it behind the seats.  Rivets at the top of the curtain make it easy to slide open or closed.  Buttons glued to the fabric & walls help keep it in place. 



  • Hammer
  • Something sharp & pointy
  • Power drill

Make a holes in the fabric & Place Grommets

After meauring & cutting the fabrics and sewing the edges together, mark out places to make holes spread out equally in the top of the fabric.  Puncture the fabric and place the grommets using a hammer and the tools provided in the grommet set.  

Not sure what this tool is called, but it worked perfectly for this application

Install Wire Hanger & Hang Curtain

Find  a solid place on the walls behind the front seats to secure the wire hanger.  I had to make wooden blocks in order to have something to drill in too.  Hang the curtain & enjoy the privacy.

Button snaps to keep the curtain closed and light out