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Boulder, CO

A guide to the wilderness of the West.


Living in a van is practially like living outside.  Yes you have a shelter over your head, but the heat of the summer and cold of the winter are unavoidable.  It is possible to help control the climate somewhat by having proper insulation.  It will keep things cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and quieter all the time.  Here is what I did.  



  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Exacto Knife

Reflectix, Reflectix, Reflectix

Cover the walls and ceiling with Reflectix.  Due your best to get everything, I was even able to get some in all of the doors.

To the moon!

Cut Rigid Foamular insulation to fit floor (optional)

I decided to add rigid insulation to the floor of the van.  This decision was mad easier by the fact that I would eventually need something to nail into to lay down a floating wood floor.  So having 1.5" foamular insulation with a 1/8" sheet of plywood on top did the trick.  I used construction grade adhesive to adhere it to the metal floor.  Be careful what adhesive you use, one bottle reacted with the insulation and I had to scrap the piece.  

Foamular insulation with 1/8" ply on top

Denim Insulation

After debating over wool vs denim insulation, I couldn't find wool in the store so went with denim.  Moisture control is the only downside of this material, but I made a vapor barrier that should help avoid this.  Stuff insulation wherever you can, once again trickier for the ceiling.  

Vapor Barrier

I stapled heavy duty plastic material to the framing to help protect the insulation from condensation.