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Lots of time researching this one; and not a whole lot of options for easy, trustworthy information.  Vandog Traveller's website was definitely the most helpful, buy his ebook to really dive into the subject.  In the end, I tried not to get too complicated.  I didn't add up the amount of watts (or whatever) I would be needing and buy components from there.  I simply knew that a 100W Solar Panel would be sufficient to charge at minimum a 100ah AMG battery that would power a fridge, lights, music, a fan, and charging my computer/cell phone.  I made a few purchasing mistakes, but otherwise I think I have my set up pretty dialed in.  One thing to note is the location where I chose to house everything.  It is a small, confined cabinet behind my seat; very bad decision.  Do yourself a favor and choose a space that makes this easily accessible and easy to work on.  Here is what you will need:  



  • Wire Tool
  • Heat Gun
  • Power drill

Everything has been working great besides the in-line fuse holders I ordered.  The connections loosen after a while; a simple fix with some locking washers.

The solar charging unit is also installed behind the seat, behind the mini-amp.