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Auxillary Battery

The auxillary battery will power the lights, fridge, fan, power inverter, and mini amp.  After tons of research, I went with a 125 amp hour AGM battery I ordered off of amazon.  The AGM deep cycle batteries are sealed so they don't require any maintenance, they can be mounted any way, and don't release any harmful gases; worth the extra dollars.  These batteries are also heavy, so I wanted to ensure that it was installed safely.  Here is what I did: 



  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Wrench

Battery installation

I cut a hole in the flooring that would house the battery.  The battery is nested about an 1.5" into the floor.  I got some help from a guy who does metal work, and made a bracket to bolt the battery down to the frame of the van.  This worked out pretty slick, the battery isn't going anywhere.

Trace a pattern of the battery where you plan to install it.  Drill holes at the corners in order to get the saw blade started

I drilled four holes through the bottom of the van to attach the metal bracket with four bolts

Not going anywhere

End result